PokerStars’ s New AI Agent Plans with the Help of Experts

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PokerStars will be advertising new positions for what seems to be an exciting project. This leading online poker room provider will be hiring Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts to help them develop “fully-flexible AI agent.” However, the full details of the project are not known at the moment.

Job positions that they are looking for include research engineers and related jobs. The purpose of the team will be to develop various programs that will use AI. Once the project is done, it can lead to new product offers for online poker gambling players.

The hired team will work under the PokerStars’ Poker Innovation Team. There is also no clarity on what kind of applications will come from the project.

pokerstars is searching for AI experts

Changing the Landscape of Online Poker Gaming

PokerStars has always been at the forefront of online poker software development. They offer the best software solutions the cannot be compared to others.

With these new developments of possibly creating an online poker AI, it will only prove further of their constant need to improve online poker gaming. As far as we are concerned, they are more than capable because they have a dedicated team and will continue to be the leader in this gambling industry.

Power Up from PokerStars

Speaking of being a leader that is constantly innovating, there is a new product from PokerStars. Power Up is a new online poker room that features a powered up No Limit Hold’em poker game. It allows players to guide how the hands are played. It also changes the gameplay with the board, chips, and cards.

There are many other innovative projects that PokerStars has released and others are yet to come. Find all the latest news here on our sites, and you will be up to date on what’s happening in the world of online gambling in Canada.


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