PokerVision Secures Streaming for Canadian Poker Tour (CPT) Events

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PokerVision is a subsidiary of ePlay Digital Inc. It is a multi-platform company that is changing the way Canadians view Poker, eSports and gaming by using innovation and interactivity.

PokerVision has recently won the rights to produce and broadcast the live streaming of two of Canada’s Poker events. The decision can be attributed to the growing interest in Poker across Canada. Particularly because a lot of Canadian Poker players have been winning big titles in the Industry.

The subsidiary has been making business decisions that leave many wondering what the plans for the division are. Little by little the plans are being revealed.

PokerVision Secures Streaming for Canadian Poker Tour (CPT) Events

PokerVision’s CPT Events Broadcasting

The two events that PokerVision will be broadcasting are the Canadian Open Poker Championship (COPC) and the CPT National Poker Championships.

COPC will be the first to be broadcasted with a $5 000 Heads Up main event. This championship was previously shown by The Score TV Network as well as Rogers SportsNet. To heighten the experience for the event PokerVision has incorporated the CyberRail interactive app for the COPC event.

CPT is a relatively new series that will feature an innovative way of how Poker tournaments are usually structured. It is said that the CPT event will be held in various locations around Canada. Finalists will meet at a venue that has not yet been disclosed, where the winner will be crowned.

Other Broadcasts – PokerVision

On PokerVision’s cards, there are other events that they will be broadcasting apart from the ones mentioned above. Alongside PokerVision, the Twoplustwo PokerCast is another event that they will be airing.

Canadian Poker fanatics can look forward to experiencing PokerVision’s innovative ways of bringing their favourite casino games to them. Check their site to see what the PokerVision is up to.

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