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Premier Roulette is a variant casino game of Roulette from one of the leading software providers, Microgaming. The difference between this variant and the other is not that huge. The difference is that this variant is in 3D and has graphics that are appealing to the eye and realistic looking.

Premier Roulette uses a similar wheel to the European version. As a result, the wheel has 37 pockets in the red and black colours. There are numbers 1 until 36, and the 37th number is the zero in a green slot.

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Premier Roulette Online Features

  • You will be able to choose which table to play at and customize how it looks. From the overall style and the angles.
  • The game has a zoom function that allows you to view the roulette wheel closer when it has stopped spinning.
  • Choose from the various speeds available from the standard, autoplay or the expert options.
  • The Win Detail will appear when you wager large amounts on different bets. This feature will show you what you have won and the payout ratio.
  • You can also keep track of your gameplay by viewing game statistics and history.

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Premier Roulette is a fascinating and classy game to play. To enjoy it, even more, it is best to play it at the top Canada Casinos online. Only the best casinos online will provide you with a flawless roulette gaming experience and reward you with the top casino bonuses.

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  • Pair – referred to an even number.
  • Impair – this is an odd number.
  • Rouge – number with the red colour.
  • Noir – black marked number.
  • Carre –placing bets that are between four numbers.
  • Manque – this is a bet that is made from 0 to 8 and is considered a low bet. It also means that the ball was not able to pass 18.
  • Passe – when the pass passes the center and bet are made from 19 to 36. These bets are high bets.
  • Colonne – making bets on a square of four numbers. The payout is at 8:1.
  • En Chaval – betting on two numbers next to each other.