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Provinces with Casinos in Canada

Ruth | January 4, 2022 | Updated on: January 4th, 2022

Recently updated on January 4th, 2022

Provinces with CasinosIf you are looking to find provinces with casinos, you have come to ths, and are license right place. This page details all the provinces and territories with casinos.

We also take a quick look at the gambling laws and legal gambling age that have been set out in Canada.

Read our guide for all the information you need about:

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How Many Casinos Are in Canada?

how many ca casinosCanada is divided into ten provinces. Namely, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, British Colombia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Nova Scotia. There are over 90 casinos with a few other casinos in the works between these ten provinces and the Canadian territories.

Most of the casinos offer a good number of live table games and slots. Then some casinos will only offer slot machines, bingo and electronic games.

List of Casinos in Canada

List of Casinos in CanadaAs much as we would like to name all the casinos in Canada. This would make our guide rather long. So, we have listed the top five casinos. To locate the casinos better, we also mention the province in which the casino is based.

Casino Games Location
casino de montreal Casino de Montréal 3200 slot machines

115 table games

26 Poker Tables

caesars casino windsor Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino 2300 slots Ontario
River Cree Resort River Cree Resort and Casino 1000 slots

30 table games.

River Rock casino River Rock Casino Resort 1200 slots

Table Games


Horse Racing

British Columbia
Casino Regina Casino Regina 100 slots

30 table



Canada Online Casino vs Land Based Casinos

The move to a more digital manner of playing has left many players wondering how different it is playing at a virtual casino vs at a land-based casino. Land-based casinos are still very popular in Canada. On the other hand, virtual casinos are making a more prominent entrance into the market by allowing players to enjoy their favourite games at home.

Here are some of the differences between online gambling and playing at a brick and mortar casino.

Online Casinos Land Based Casinos
You don’t have to wait in line to play a casino game You get to interact with the other players
There is far more privacy when playing There aren’t as many bonuses as playing online
It is convenient There are fewer banking options on offer
There is a wide range of games Not all casinos will offer the games that you are looking for
The number of bonuses on offer is amazing The customer service is impeccable


Canada Provinces Map

CA casinos locationsIt would be ideal to have a Casinos in Canada Map, but we have created an easier to follower guide of all the casinos in Canada. Below we have listed all the Provinces with Casinos. With each province you will find out which gambling forms are on offer. We have also mentioned some of the territories that have casinos.


This province has 28 casinos with over ten cities having a casino or two. The types of casino games that you will find in this province include live table games, slots, electronic roulette and more. All the casinos in Alberta are controlled by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission. All players have to 18 and older to play at casinos in this province. The most popular city with casinos is Calgary with 8 casinos.

British Columbia

BC is the province with the largest number of casinos. There are 34 casinos in over 20 cities. Greater Vancouver has 9 casinos. Prince George is another popular city with casinos. The types of games that you will be able to play in BC include slots, electronic table games, live dealer games and live table games. There are also three bingo halls. Some of the casinos only offer slots or slots and bingo games.


There are 28 casinos in Ontario with a prospect casino on the way. There are only 5 casinos that don’t offer live table games and players have to be 19 and above to play at all casinos. The most popular gambling region is Toronto with 5 casinos.


There are six casinos in Quebec with the most popular casino being in Montreal. Two of the casinos only offer slots and electronic table games. The other four casinos offer all your favourite table games and more. You will have to be 18 and above to play at these casinos.

New Brunswick

With only 2 casinos, New Brunswick is one of the less exciting gambling provinces to visit. There is only one casino that offers a range of table games and slots. The other gambling casino only has 200 slots and electronic roulette and blackjack. You will have to be 19 to be able to gamble at any of the casinos.


The most popular gambling city in Manitoba is Winnipeg. It is home to three of the six gambling establishments in the province. There are five licensed casinos as well as a Horse racing track that only offers slots. All gamblers have to be 18 and over to play the casino games.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is another province that only has two casinos in two different cities. The gambling age in the province is also 19, and you will be able to play a wide range of casino games.

Prince Edward Island

There are only 2 casinos in PEI, and they are both red Shores Casinos. One of the casinos is a full-service casino offering table games and the other casino only offers slots. Both casinos only accept players who are 19 and above.


There are currently 9 casinos in 9 cities in Saskatchewan. The gambling age is set at 18, and the same gaming authority controls all casinos. There is a wide range of casino games that are offered at these casinos.

Yukon territory

Home to the only casino to open its doors in 1971, Yukon Territory only has one casino. The legal gambling age in this province is 19, and the casino is located in Dawson City.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland is one of two provinces in Canada without a casino.


The other province without casinos is Nunavut. However, you will be able to place online bets at top gambling sites while withing the province.

Gambling Laws in Canada

gambling lawsAs you can tell from the very few Provinces without casinos, this country has very lenient gambling laws. The most prominent gambling rule states that a gambling form will be illegal if it is not licensed or controlled by the government. This can be at a provincial or federal level.

This rule applies to charitable gambling as well as a land-based casino. So, where does online gambling fall in? Well, virtual gambling is somewhat a grey area as it is not prohibited to gamble online.

But it states that for casinos to be legal it will have to be owned by a provincial government or licensed by the authority, which is something most gambling sites are doing. Therefore, most online gambling sites are offering their services to Canadian players.

Also, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission offers gaming licenses to online casinos. This is because they can run casinos from within Canadian borders and not be prosecuted. This makes it easier for you to play casinos games online and not get into any trouble.

Types of Local Canadian Casinos

local casino in canadaWhen gambling in provinces with casinos in Canada, there is so much to expect apart from the usual blackjack, roulette and slot machines. Some casinos only offer slots, horse racing, sports betting, electronic games and bingo. Essentially you can pick a casino according to where you are and the games you enjoy playing. Here is a list of the type of casinos that you will find in Canada.

  • Commercial Casinos
  • First Nations Casinos or Tribal Casinos
  • Bingo Halls
  • Race Tracks
  • Video Lottery Terminals

Best Land Based Casinos in Canada

Finding the best land-based casino in Canada will require visiting almost every province with casinos and playing at each one. While this may take you a few months to complete, we would suggest using our guides to narrow down your search.

FAQs About Canada Casinos & Gambling