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Richard Branson is the British billionaire who started his company with just one Boeing 747. He now owns the Virgin Group which has different kinds of subsidiaries under it. One of the subsidiaries is the Virgin Hotels and recently under this division, he bought the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino located in Las Vegas.

It was not disclosed how much was spent to make this purchase. However, the famous businessman plans to revamp the place in the coming two years. According to Richard Branson, the guitar sign located at the main entrance may be removed.

Since there are some memorabilia at the venue, Mr Branson decided that it will be moved to a safer location during the remodelling. Other amenities at the resort may be closed. Richard Branson said the casino will remain and will be run by gaming partner.

Hard Rock casino and resort bought by Richard Branson

The Planned Renovations

By the sounds of things, Mr Branson plans to spend a lot of money to change the hotel and the casino. He mentioned that the remodelling will happen in phases and will begin shortly.

The first significant change on the cards is the name of the resort which will be changed to Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. It is expected that the relaunch of the resort will happen sometime in the following year once the changes to the venue are completed.

The casino and hotel will still be open to visitors during the remodelling, and the Hard Rock brand will be in charge. At the moment there are no announcements as to which facilities will be closed and kept.

Other Plans for Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotels Brand

The Virgin Hotels brand was opened in 2010 with the first property being opened in Chicago in 2015. Since then the brand reported to the media that they plan on acquiring more properties in the following places:

  • San Francisco – opening in 2018
  • Nashville – opening in 2019
  • Dallas – opening 2019
  • Silicon Valley – opening in 2020
  • New York – opening 2020
  • Washington DC – opening in 2020
  • Palms Springs – opening in 2020
  • New Orleans – opening in 2020
  • Edinburgh – opening 2020
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