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Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) plans to investigate alerts relating to the recent Wimbledon Championship matches. The alerts raise concerns that there may be suspicious surrounding certain high-level matches. Regarding which matches are linked to the questionable betting alerts, the TIU has not made any announcement.

tennis betting alerts investigated in UK

Further Betting Alerts Information

Between the period of April and June, the TUI has received 53 alerts, which has gone down in comparison to last year’s results. From the alerts, three Wimbledon matches have been flagged. One from the main event and the other two from the qualifying round.

What is more, concerning for TIU is that Grand Slam matches were on the list of betting alerts. When they usually receive betting alerts, it’s the lower level matches. This has put even more alarming to the integrity of the sport of Tennis.

According to the anti-corruption unit, the suspicious alerts do not mean that it could be match fixing. Further investigations will reveal whether it could be informed betting, irregular odds betting or other circumstances that may have played a part.

For the Tennis Integrity Unit to properly, they will be allowed to have access to financial information and communication devices that the suspects that may lead to finding out the truth.

ESSA Betting Alerts

In the past three months, there have been over 31 000 tennis matches that took place. According to the ESSA Sport Integrity quarterly report, out of the 53 alerts that have been received, 31 are linked to tennis. Some of the tennis events that are involved other than Wimbledon, are the ATP, French Open, and the WTA.

Secretary-General of ESSA, Khalid Ali said that the betting issues are a key concern for all the national and international stakeholders. These challenges are what the regulated operators have to deal with. The Council of Europe (CoE) has ongoing efforts to try and address these difficulties.

ESSA will be hosting a Conference in London on the 12 of October. This topic will be one of the things that will be discussed at the conference.


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