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Tang Hao is a Hong Kong investment company has shown interest in the well-known gaming company Amaya. Their interest has gone as far as large purchasing amounts of this Canadian company’s shares. The month of July seems to be their month to go on this shares shopping spree.

The Tang Hao company is part of the Goldenway Group. It is known that the firm was backing David Baazov when he was attempting to buy Amaya. Tang Hao has said that they are buying the shares for investment purposes.

tang hao buys more of amaya canada shares

Tang Hao July Share Purchases

The recent purchase that this Asian company made was on Tuesday last week when they acquired 4.2 million shares. The following is a breakdown of the shares they bought and for how much:

  • 12 July – 420 000 for C$9 35 million at C$22.26 per share
  • 13 July – 400 000 for C$8 87 million at C$22.17 per share
  • 14 July – 400 000 for C$8 83 million at C$22.07 per share
  • 17 July – 400 000 for C$8 78 million at C$21.96 per share
  • 18 July – 400 000 for C$6 24 million at C$22.36 per share
  • 19 July – 189 400 for C$4 16 million at C$21.96 per share
  • 20 July – 495 700 for C$11.13 million at C$22.45 per share
  • 21 July – 413 100 for C$9 17 million at C$22.21 per share
  • 24 July – 500 000 for C$11 13 million at C$22.25 per share
  • 26 July – 500 000 for C$11.18 million at C$22.35 per share
  • 27 July – 279 800 for C$6 24 million at C$22.36 per share

The investor initially started showing interest back in March, and that was when they began making the purchase. They bought 9 105 000 at a total cost of C$204 million. Later on, in June they acquired an additional 2 million shares.

Company Link to the Previous CEO

The series of purchases came after David Baazov, former Amaya CEO, was let go because of his insider trading deals. He had to sell his 19 million shares early this year. The Amaya gaming brand had a debt settlement that prohibited him from obtaining the company. As a result, he was required to sell his shares when he was stepping down as the CEO.

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