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The Different Types of Online Gamblers

Recently updated on February 25th, 2022

The types of online gamblers are as diverse as the casinos they visit and the games they play. We took it upon ourselves to study the different types of online gamblers and grouped them into categories.

The pool of online gamblers is big. The quick advancements in technology over the years has had a big impact on the gaming industry and its rapid growth. Today, you are able to access casino games in numerous ways and on different devices. This attracted many new players. Prior to this, players were limited to playing on their desktops alone. The only other option they had was visiting a land-based casino to play.

Are you a new gambler? To which category do you belong? Let’s find out.

5 Common Types of Gamblers

Freebie Players

I think it’s safe to say that we all enjoy testing casino games out for free. The fact that there’s no deposit required removes the ever-looming risk factor and allows you to simply play for fun. People love the idea of being able to play and enjoy games without investing any of their own money.

Real Money Players

Real money players are the exact opposite of players who like freebies. A real money player doesn’t mind spending money on casino games. They do it for the thrill of it, and particularly with the intention of winning real money. These are the kind of players who benefit from casino bonuses, promotions and casino VIP programs.

Types of Online Gamblers

Professional Players

Now, you get gamblers who play for leisure, or as part of a hobby. This type of player is very different from the kind of player who gambles as a career. Yes, you get professional gamblers who depend on their winnings to make a living. Games like poker and blackjack are popular go-to choices for players who want to go pro. These games allow you to rely on both skill and luck to succeed which gives you a fair amount of control in how well you do. Games of chance like slots are way too unpredictable and shouldn’t be an option for players looking to make a living.

Addicted Players

An addicted player is one who gambles compulsively with no control or limit to how much money they spend or how long they gamble. These are what we call irresponsible players, and they need help. Fortunately, casinos offer a ton of support and resources to help struggling players get over their addiction.

Slot Lovers

Slot lovers deserve their own category because they sure are something else and we mean that in a good way. Slot lovers are sociable gamers who enjoy the bright lights, the sound of the slot machine, all the features and overall gameplay. Slots are some of the easiest casino games, but they are also the cheapest. The betting limits per spin can be as low as $0.01 but can range into the early hundreds too.

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