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It is that time of the year where Poker players will get a chance to take part in the Universal Championship of Poker III (UCOP III). This event is initiated by the leading service provider Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) with the aim to crown the “Greatest Poker Player in the Universe.”

The event will take place from 10 until 24 September. Players can win prizes that total €750 000 (C$1105192.50) with the crowned winner taking home €5 000 (C$7367.95). There will be a total of 59 tournaments that will be held throughout the event days until the winner is announced.

the UCOP III in Canada

Take a Chance in Becoming the Ultimate Poker Winner

For you to qualify to win that ultimate prize, you have to be able to climb up the €10 000 (C$14735.90) leaderboard and until you reach the number one spot. Each level that you go up, you will accumulate points that will result in a prize excluding the main title.

Even if you don’t reach the number one spot, you can win other prizes if you win at any of the stages of the event. The second runner-up will win €2 000 (C$2947.18).

UCOP III Social Media Leaderboard

Playing the game of Poker is not the only way that you can be able to accumulate points and work your way to being the ultimate winner. There is another leaderboard that you can be part of and earn more points while playing. It is the Great Players Leaderboard.

Players who stream their live gameplay on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube will be rewarded with points. In addition, if you make it interesting or even reach the final table, you will receive even more points. As a result, share your love for Poker with your friends via live streaming and improve your chances of becoming the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe.

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