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What does 00 mean in roulette?

Recently updated on October 13th, 2021

The 00 in roulette only applies when you play American roulette, giving the house more edge. Like the one zero on other games, the double zero will forfeit all the bets.

This 00 gives the game a house edge of 5.26%, which makes American roulette the variation with the highest house edge and not easy to win compared to the others. It pays out 35/1 if you bet that the ball will land in the 00 slots.

What’s more, it is not considered to be an even or odd bet. Nor is it considered red or black.

00 in roulette

Playing 00 in American Roulette

The 00 in American roulette has the same odds as the single zero on the other roulette games. However, this makes the game have worse odds than the other games, as we have already mentioned.

When you bet on the double zero, you will be playing against the 37/1 for winning. This means that you can expect the value of your $1 to be $-0.053 when you have made a bet on the double zero.

As a result, this makes American roulette the worse game to choose to play. You should rather choose French or European roulette because they offer better odds of winning.

However, all the roulette games are based on luck, and nothing is guaranteed to win.

Choose Games with Better Odds

As we have mentioned, it is better to choose to play a game that gives you better odds of winning, and American roulette is not that game. Even if it is not European or French roulette, other casino games have better odds.

What’s more, all of them are available to be played for free at online casino sites. You can test the games to see which one is better to play. So, choose from any casinos listed here on our site and start playing roulette games.

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