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What Does Poker Face Mean in Poker?

Recently updated on October 31st, 2023

If you are a religious poker player or someone simply interested in learning the game then you might have heard about the term “poker face” in poker. By definition, a poker face refers to the lack of facial expression that may allude to one’s feelings and/or emotions. It basically means keeping a straight face that successfully deceives other players which results in them making inaccurate assumptions about the value of the hand that you hold. Most poker players use it as a strategic technique to throw their competitors off, whether it actually works is debatable.

poker face

Is Poker Face Effective in Poker?

Well, the effectiveness of such a strategy is debatable and may also depend on how well you are able to do it. Our opinion is that you may be able to convince inexperienced players, but seasoned professionals are much harder to crack. It’ll take more than just a straight face to beat someone who has seen it all.

First-time players are certainly more gullible and nervous because they might not have built up the confidence yet and therefore may fall victim to silly tactics like bluffing.

Tells in Poker

A more effective way of getting to know your opponents is through training your eye to pick up on their “tells”. This refers to certain gestures, mannerisms or behaviours that they engage in that may be telling of how they are feeling, and in this case, the strength of the hand they have.

This may include scratching of the head or slouching when they aren’t happy. Or, grinning or laughing a lot when they are.

Play Poker Online

Poker face and tells in poker only apply when you’re playing at a land-based casino or in a poker tournament. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of this when you play poker for real money online.

You can play poker at any of the casinos that we list here on Traditional poker along with other variations of the game is available for real money or free. It’s also easily accessible on mobile smartphone devices or desktops.

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