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What is a Bonus Balance?

A bonus balance is free money you received when you claimed a bonus. The casino separates the balance from the real money balance to make it easier to see how much you have left from your bonus and real money balance. The bonus balance should be wagered no matter how many times the casino has indicated. Then the money you win while playing with it will be added to your real money bonus, ready for a withdrawal.

Bonus Balance

Bonus Terms and Conditions

As we have mentioned already, with a bonus, you will have to wager it several times before you can withdraw any winnings. However, there are other terms and conditions that you must know.

Some casinos will require you to wager your real money and the bonus amount together before you can claim any of your winnings. This means you will place bets from both balances. The winnings will be allocated to each balance based on which balance you used when placing your bets. This means that the winnings made from your real money balance will be added there, and the winnings from the bonus balance will be added there.

You can withdraw from your real money even if you still have a bonus balance while still playing with it. However, you will forfeit the bonus balance. You can get the bonus balance back if you reverse the withdrawal before it gets processed. It will only apply if you reverse the whole amount you tried to withdraw.

Casinos will also limit how much you can bet using the bonus. The regular maximum bets will apply if you meet the wagering requirements before your bonus balance is finished.

You are not allowed to withdraw the bonus balance. You will have to use it to play casino games until you have met the wagering requirements. All the winnings you make with the bonus will be added to your bonus balance. However, when you have met the wagering requirements, the winnings made from the casino bonus will be added to your real money balance.

Bonus Balance Overview

A bonus balance is meant to let you know how much of the bonus that the casino has awarded is still left. This will help you keep up with how much you have left and the amount you can use from the bonus.

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