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What is the Difference Between Slots and Video Poker?

Recently updated on May 26th, 2021

Slots and video poker can easily be confused to be the same game. Since they are built similarly, it is easy to see why they might be mistaken for being the same. However, these two casino games have key differences which you might not be aware of.

In this article, we will look at these differences. These slots and video poker differences might even help you decide on which game to choose between the two.

Difference Between Slots and Video Poker

1. Video Poker Requires Strategy More as Compared to Slots

This is one of the big differences between these games. When you play video poker, you can use a strategy to improve your chances of winning. What’s more, you need the skill to play video poker because you have to make decisions that affect the game’s outcome.

Unlike slots, the only strategy you can use is managing your bankroll and choosing a game with better odds. What’s more, you can also choose a slot with low or high volatility, depending on your bankroll.

2. Using a Strategy, You Can Improve the Odds on Video Poker

Since you can use a strategy while playing video poker, you can improve the odds, which affect the RTP of the game. When you use a good strategy, you have returns of over 100% when used properly. This means you managed to reduce the house edge to zero.

However, as we have already mentioned, there is no skill or strategy you can use to affect the outcome of a slot machine. You can’t change the house edge in any way.

3. Progressive Jackpots Work Differently for Slots and Video Poker

Both slots and video poker games have the progressive jackpot feature. However, they work differently. The progressive jackpots on slots can be triggered randomly, even though you will have a better chance when you bet the maximum amount.

The jackpots can be as big as six or eight-figures. One of the most popular online progressive jackpot slots is Mega Moolah. It has regularly hit with a big jackpot with six or more figures.

In video poker, you need a royal flush to win the jackpot, and the payouts are usually in the thousands. But there are video poker games that trigger the jackpots without having a royal flush.

4. The Odds Can Be Enormously Different

Your odds of winning in video poker games are lower compared to slots. The casino game is known to have the lowest house edge compared to other casino games, which gives you a better chance of winning. Since video poker has better odds, you will have better odds of winning.

Slots are known not to have good odds when compared to other casino games. What’s more, you can’t even use a strategy to reduce the house edge.

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