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What’s the Best Way to Win the Lottery?

The internet is riddled with myths and strange routines that can be used to win the lottery. However, how many of these so-called strategies can you use and trust to get lucky. Well, that’s why we are here to help. While we can’t guarantee that you will win each time, we are sure that one day you will get lucky.

You may end up like the Romanian mathematician that won 14 times or Richard Lusting, who won seven times in 2 years. We have compiled the top ten ways that you can increase your chances of winning the lottery. Remember, these tips will not guarantee an immediate win, but they are worth a try if you win the lottery.

Win the Lottery

5 Ways to Win the Lottery

You may have come up with a strategy on how to play the lotto, but you are not getting the results that you want. Use this guide to boost your chances of winning. If you have dint have any of the following tips in your strategy, add them today!

1.      Buy more than one ticket

The trick with this is to cover more numbers by buying more than one lottery ticket. The downside is that you may spend more money than anticipated. Also, there is a chance that you may not win back all the money you spent on tickets.

2.      Join a lottery syndicate

If you don’t spend a fortune on lottery tickets, joining a syndicate is one of the best ways of getting more tickets. However, you will have to share the jackpot amount when you win. This may not be as bad as it sounds if your syndicate wins $10 million and there are 5 of you.

3.      Avoid consecutive numbers

The probabilities of consecutive numbers being picked in a draw are relatively low. Research shows that 70% of lottery jackpots range between a sum of 104 and 176.  This means picking numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 for a game with five numbers will not place you in the 104 -176 range.

4.      Look at playing less popular games.

Seven-time winner Richard Lusting suggests that you should not play games that always have a winner. Exploring unpopular games increase your odds of winning. Games such as Powerball and Mega Millions are much harder to win than much smaller games with great jackpots.

5.      Avoid finding patterns

Trying to find a pattern from past lottery games may take up more time than just playing random numbers. Remember, the lottery is played using a random number generator that ensure that each pick is random. The patterns that you may think you have found may be completely pointless and a waste of time.

Win the Lottery Playing Online

With online lottery games, you no longer have to drive to a retailer to play the lottery physically. There are serval online lottery sites that allow you to play games online. These sites are also available on mobile, letting you bet on your favourite numbers in hopes of winning the million-dollar jackpot.

Online lottery sites have great features such as displaying past winning numbers and much more. Use the above tips to improve your odds, and the next time you check the winning numbers, you may be the next jackpot winner. If you are looking for top sites to play the lottery, visit any of the internet casinos below


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