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Which Casino Game Has the Lowest House Edge?

Blackjack! This is the casino game that has the lowest house edge, therefore making it the most lucrative casino game online. The house edge is the average profit they can expect to make from a game. This is generally between 1 and 2% on games with a low house edge.

If you play games such as Blackjack using strategy, you can bring the house edge much lower than 1%. Even though the laws of probability are in the casino’s favor, Blackjack house is 0.5% when using strategy.

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Lowest House Edge Strategy

Luckily for most players, Blackjack is one of the casino games that has a straightforward strategy that you can follow. We will be assuming that you are not a card counter and a regular blackjack player.  Firstly, before you can even attempt to play a game of 21, you have to understand the rules. Online Blackjack is all about getting as close as possible to 21 without going over.

The basic blackjack strategy can be changed depending the games limitations. Some games will let you split, double down. Surrender, allow the Dealer to peak or stand on a soft 17.  You will have to know how to play your hand should any of these elements be in place.

Here are a few things that you have to ensure that you include in your strategy.

  • Know how to play soft totals
  • Understand when it is best to stand, hit or double with a hard hand
  • Knowing when to split pairs
  • Staying away from betting more than you should
  • Playing at tables that require no more than 5% of your bankroll

Advanced Strategy

Of course, with every casino game that you will come across, there will be a more advanced strategy that you can use with Blackjack that is counting, the insurance bet, and wonging.

Card counting is a complex strategy that requires a lot of brainpower and math. It is not illegal, but not a lot of casinos are happy with players using this strategy

The insurance bet is not the most popular strategy as you place two bets and stand to lose both bets. The bet has its perks, such as protecting you if the dealer hits Blackjack and you stand to get 2 to 1 on your wager. But you can lose both your initial wager and the insurance bet, meaning you will lose more money than intended.

Wonging is when you observe a blackjack and only jump into the game when it is favorable. This is an advanced strategy that is hard to come by.

Blackjack Games with the Lowest House Edge

the best part of playing Blackjack is that it has good number of variations. However, each variation has its own house edge. This is because rules of the game will be different, and so will the strategy.

we have a list of blackjack games we have played as well as the house edge to each game

  1. Pontoon – the variation has 0.38% edge
  2. Spanish 21 – sits at 0.40% before the Dealer stands on soft 17
  3. Atlantic Blackjack – the house is at 0.40%
  4. American Blackjack – between 0,31 and 0, 35%
  5. European Blackjack – has an edge of 0.40%
  6. Match Play 21 – RTG offers a 0.63% house edge on the game
  7. Super Fun 21 – 1,16% for a single deck game, 1.30% with 2 decks and 1,40% with 6 decks
  8. Chinese Blackjack – has an edge of 0.56%
  9. Blackjack Switch – Between 0.15% and 0,58% depending on the rules
  10. Perfect Pairs – ranges between 2% or and 11%.
  11. Double Exposure Blackjack – 0.67%

Play Blackjack Online

As you can tell, regardless of the blackjack variation that you choose to play, the housed is pretty low. Also, these house edges on the game tend to vary depending on the number of decks used. So, make sure that you read up on the game and its house edge before you can place any bets.

Remember that to increase your chances of winning or improving your odds. You will have to play each game with a strategy suited for it.

When all of that is done, sign up to any of the casinos we recommend on this website.

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