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Why is 11 Called Yo in Craps?

11 in craps is termed Yo because the croupier frequently exclaims “Yo Eleven” to distinguish between the number 11 and the similar-sounding number 7. Yo is a basic bet on whether the next dice combination will be an 11 or not. The odds of rolling an 11 are merely 17:1. Yo has a hefty 11.11% house advantage despite the high payoff of 15:1.

Rolling an 11 is the second most unlikely number to turn up, but it may result in very large prizes and payments if your bets win. The eleven bet is often reserved for “fortunate” players who can gamble it as a proposition bet.

Yo in craps

Betting on Yo in Craps

The Yo Bet in online craps is not as simple as many players believe, as timing such a bet is difficult. Many people believe that if an eleven hasn’t hit in a while, the odds are that it will happen shortly. However, this is a common misperception. Because each roll of the dice is a separate event, the real chances of a Yo striking are always 17:1, even if it’s been 100 rolls since the last 11.

This isn’t like blackjack, where each card that comes out affects the identification of the cards that haven’t been revealed. The odds are reset with each roll. Thus, the past has no bearing on the future. With such a wager, the odds are always in favor of the casino because the payoff is smaller than the genuine chances, but this doesn’t imply you should avoid it entirely.

If you’re lucky, the Yo will be highly useful to you. As a result, don’t put too much emphasis on making this a part of your overall plan. Instead of basing your strategy on a winning Yo bet, consider developing a strong money management technique. Occasionally use the Yo to augment your gains while you up your money for other bets. You may always stake a few cents on the Yo, which translates to a $5 bet that Yo-eleven will hit.

Odds of the Yo in Craps

The dice will always have a 5 and a 6. The chances of rolling a Yo are the same as rolling a 3 (Ace & Deuce). Rolling an 11 is the second most unlikely number to turn up, but it may result in very large prizes and payments if the player bets and wins utilizing this wager.

The chances of rolling a Yo are 1 in 36. (17:1). However, the house pays out odds of 15:1, resulting in a large house edge of 11.11 percent. This high edge is undesirable since the player loses more money and more frequently because the house keeps a larger portion of the profit in the long run. As a result, the eleven bet is often saved for players who are “feeling lucky” and may place it as a proposition bet. In the medium term, the rewards remain attractive at $15 for every $1 gambled.

The Yo is a difficult bet to win, but it may be entertaining and useful when the dice are hot. It is, however, a hazardous gamble, so make sure you approach it with this in mind and a clear strategy on how to exploit it to your advantage.

Yo Bet Tips to Win

There is a sensible way to make this gamble and a reckless way to approach it. First and foremost, do not attempt to use the Yo to chase your losses. When you’re down, betting on the eleven may sound appealing, but keep in mind that the chances are stacked against you.

When you’re down a lot, the best thing you can do is walk away from the table or computer if you’re playing online. The dice are unlikely to roll in your favor anytime soon. As a result, you should only employ the eleven bet when you’re ahead.

Also, if you’re on a roll, this will appear to be a little setback. If you win on the 22nd hand, you will receive $32 back after investing $29, resulting in a relatively little profit. This is simply one strategy for approaching this bet. You can only place your first Yo-eleven bet when you are ready.

Final thought

The Yo bet can both be a good decision and not so wise option. Before you play the bet, make sure you understand what it can do to your bankroll. You are more than welcome to try the bet out on free craps games before committing to a real money bet at top online casinos. This will give you an idea of whether or not the bet will be worth your time or money.

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