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Why is Baccarat So Popular?

Recently updated on September 20th, 2023

07Baccarat is no longer restricted to high rollers, but now it is available to everyone, which has made it so popular. You are now not expected to have a big bankroll to play baccarat because the game is available with a smaller budget.

However, other than the game not being for high rollers anymore, there are other reasons that many players have come to love playing baccarat. One of those reasons is that the game has a low house edge, which means it is worth playing.

Below we look at the other reasons why many players have come to love this casino game.

why is baccarat so popular

Easy Gameplay

Unlike many table games, baccarat has a few betting options, making it easy to learn and play without the complexity of learning all the various bet options. You only have the option to bet on three options, the banker, player, or tie bet.

Your objective is to build a hand close to as nine as possible using the cards you will be dealt. You can bet on this outcome for any of the options that you have mentioned. Meaning that you can either bet that the banker or player’s hand will be closer to nine.

For the tie bet, you will be betting that both the banker and player will win.

Good Odds to Win

As we have mentioned, baccarat is one of the casino games that has a low house edge. However, the odds are different for all three available bets. Here are the odds that you can expect from the three bets:

  • Banker – 1.06%
  • Player – 1.24%
  • Tie – 4.71%

The banker’s hand is the one with a good house edge as compared to the other. What’s more, the hand is likely to win most of the time, which means betting on this hand can see you win a lot more than when betting on the other hand.

No Complex Strategy to Learn

This game is simple to play, it does not require any complex strategies to improve your chances of winning. The only thing that can be considered complex about the game is the scoring system which will be confusing when you start playing the game.

Since the banker is the best hand to bet on, it is better to go with that hand until it loses. The strategy is that simple. Depending on which hand is on a winning or losing streak, players develop their pattern based on this strategy.

Play Online Baccarat from Anywhere

Whether you are a casual player or a high roller, you are not restricted to playing baccarat at land-based casinos. Any player will have access to the game on the internet at safe and regulated casino sites. You can still expect the same house edge when playing online.

What’s more, the starting bets are much lower than when you are playing at online casinos and start as low as $1 per hand. You can also play baccarat on your mobile device from anywhere. If you are also looking for a land-based casino experience, you can play the live game with a real dealer.


Baccarat will continue to grow in popularity because of the ease of access to all kinds of players. It has a low house edge that gives players even more reason to play the game because they can expect to win.

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