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Floyd Mayweather may have hung up his boxing gloves, but he is still in the money business. He has signed a deal with Wild Poker to be their game’s presenter.

Wild Poker is a mobile social casino game that is developed by Playtrex and Hero Digital Entertainment. It is also a play-money mobile app that allows gamers to play the No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker game featuring wild animals. Players have the option to choose to play the game as any of the animals or Floyd. They can also play against the boxing legend as well.

The casino game features power-ups, real-time decision making, in-app upgrades, different game levels and character development. There are also unique features of the game the includes using the animals’ advantage over the others.

play wild poker with floyd mayweather

About Wild Poker Company – Playtrex

Playtrex is a gaming development company based in Israel that focuses on creating social games. The company was established in 2015 by its CEO Daniel Kashmir who was worked with companies such as William Hill. Hero Digital Entertainment plays the role of publisher for the games that the company designs.

The company worked together with ONE Entertainment to have Mayweather as part of the Wild Poker game. According to the ONE Entertainment CEO, Brent A. Johnson, it was an organic fit to have the brand of Mayweather to be part of the mobile gaming experience.

Kashmir said that the partnership with Mayweather they wanted to provide players with game experiences that can’t be found on other social games.

Floyd Mayweather

For those who don’t know Mayweather where have you been? He is a well-known and most interesting former professional boxer. Mayweather recently announced his retirement from the boxing profession with a record of 27 KO’s and a record of 50-0 TKO’s. He has a net worth of $340 million and a fan base of over 50 million globally.

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