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Best Online Sports Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

100x100 Sport BettingSports Betting is a past time activity that many people all around the world love and enjoy. Canada is no exception. This activity fuses the love of sports with the interest to support your favorite teams while making money. Fortunately, you don’t have to search for sports betting sites or sportsbooks because we have some of the best listed right here for you.

If you are new to the world of sports betting, continue reading our guide for more information on the various sporting events, and where to place your bets.

Betting Websites


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Choosing the Best Online Sports Betting Site

You have a lot of options, but we advise you to be careful of which ones you do sign up with. This is because not all of them are regulated and safe. So, it is in your best interest to always investigate the chosen sportsbook before depositing money. Fortunately, there are sites like to offer you all the information you need about online sports betting.

When we decide on which sites to include, we consider the variety of sporting events the site offers, how reliable the site is based on customer feedback, as well as whether or not the site offers trusted banking methods.

Best Online Sportsbooks

We certainly provide many sportsbook options, and if you are new, then selecting just one can be a difficult decision to make. Now, although we fully recommend all the sites we list, we have hand-picked just a few to make that decision easier for you. Below we have 5 of the best sports betting websites for you to choose from.

Sports Interaction 100% up to C$200 Bonus
Bodog 100% up to C$200 Bonus
William Hill 100% up to C$100 Bonus
Bet365 100% up to C$200 Bonus
BetOnline 50% Sign Up Bonus


Major Sports Leagues

Sport is one of those things that can bring people together, but it can also cause massive division and that’s because people have different interests. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though. Some might enjoy football, while others enjoy hockey or cricket.

Out of the many sporting events that exist today, there are major sports leagues which include the more popular sporting events. Depending on what your interests are and what you enjoy watching, you can choose any of the major sports leagues to place wagers on. This process is made easy at sportsbook casinos.

500x208 Online Sports Betting

Here are some of the sports betting options available to you at online sportsbooks:

National Hockey League (NHL) Betting

Canada is a nation of hockey followers. Whenever the National Hockey League is underway be sure to watch your favourite teams play and make the best possible predictions to stand a chance of winning.

Canadian Football League (CFL) Betting

The CFL is the ultimate football league in Canada with nine teams from around the country taking part. You can wager money on any of the teams when the football season starts. Be sure to do some research first. It also helps to get clued up on sports betting odds and payouts beforehand.

National Basketball Association (NBA) Betting

The NBA is widely known all over the world especially for producing some of the best basketball athletes like Michael Jordan. This is one of the best games to watch courtside, but if that’s not an option, you can stream it online, or get point updates at your favourite online sportsbook.

Major League Baseball (MBL) Betting

MBL is one of the oldest sporting association in the US and Canada. Even though it might not be as popular as the others mentioned above, it still does have a large following. You can choose from the 30 teams that are part of this league and wager on any of them.

Alternative Sports Events

Apart from the leagues mentioned above, there is also various other sports that Canadian bettors can wager their money on.  These include:

  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Motor Sports
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing

Online Sport Betting

Similar to how there are many types of bets in a casino game like roulette, there are various different ways to make a bet on any given sporting event. Selecting one may depend on how you feel that day, but also the game you are betting on. Read the section below for more.

500x305 Sports Betting App

Live Betting

Live betting lets you wager money during the match. Instead of placing bets on an upcoming game, you can wager your money on the day of the match. Bets such as which team will win or who is going to score the first goal are some of the options that you can choose from.

Spread Betting

Here you choose to wager on the outcome of the match. For example, you can opt to bet on how many goals both teams will score for the entire game.

Parlays Betting

Parlay betting lets you make multiple bets to build up your payout. To win the bet, all the bets that you have made must win to qualify for a payout. Ensure that the wagers you have made have good odds and high payouts.

Teasers Betting

Almost similar to parlays, teasers betting allows you to make two different bets on two different games. You are allowed to change the bet however you want. But, doing this will decrease or increase the chances of a bigger payout.

Online Sportsbook Bonuses

Sportsbooks often offer tons of great bonuses to new and existing bettors. The bonuses vary, and not all sports betting websites give the same bonuses. Below are some bonuses you can expect at the best online sports betting sites.

Sign-up Bonus

New bettors who register with a sportsbook will be rewarded with this bonus. The bonus is a great way to kickstart your sports betting career.

Deposit Bonus

Every time you deposit money into your account, the sportsbook will give you a bonus. This is given in exchange for your loyalty.

Free Bet Bonus

Typically, this bonus is for when you deposit money into your account, and the sportsbook matches up the deposit with a free bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, a sportsbook will reward you with a no deposit bonus to attract people to sign up.

Canadian Sports Betting FAQs