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Online Gambling Terms and Conditions

Every online casino has a terms and conditions (T&C’s) section on its website which gives you detailed information about how the casino works. It’s important for all players to familiarise themselves with the various rules, laws, and regulations that apply when you choose to use its services. It’s especially important when gambling in a province or territory that has gambling restrictions.

In our article we’ll take you through everything there is to know about gambling at a casino. The topics we discuss include:

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Bonus Wagering Requirements

Out of all the terms and conditions we cover on this page, the bonus wagering requirements is one to pay careful attention to. As you know, nothing in life is free and if you receive a reward or free money without any terms and conditions then you should be worried.

An example of a casino bonus might look something like this: 100% of up to $500 with a wagering requirement of 15x. Now, if you deposited $100, the casino will give you an extra $100, leaving you with $200 as bankroll for that game. With a wagering requirement of 15x you will have to make at least $3000 ($200 x 15) in bets before you will be allowed to cashout any winnings.

Online Banking at a Casino

When you play for real money, you must provide the casino with your banking details. Your details must match the details on the credit/debit card that you use to make deposits or withdrawals.

There are also minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts which you cannot exceed. If you are a high roller you must look for a casino that has high limits, and if you are a regular player you must look for casinos with low limits.

The various banking methods provided by the casino come with different processing times and service charges so make sure you read up on that before you choose a method and make a deposit.

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Legal Gambling Age Online

This may seem like a simple term and condition to obey, but if you do not check the legal gambling at first in your province, and then at that specific casino, you may be in some serious trouble. Generally, the legal gambling age is 18, but some casinos and provinces have it at 21. Other casinos complicate it even more by making the legal age for lottery participation 18, and other casino games 21. If you’re wondering why we say double check the age restriction first, see our case study below.

We know of a case where a player signed up for an online casino account in a country where gambling on the internet was illegal. She did this without double checking the age restrictions for that casino. But, the casino did not ban the account or even went the extra mile to properly verify the account.  The player went on to win quite a large sum of money during her gambling session one day. That casinos reputation took a hit for not verifying the account, but worst of it all, the player did not receive her winnings because the law states you must be of a certain age and she wasn’t of age. Sad, isn’t it?

Gameplay Information

Slot machines and table games come with terms and conditions often laid out in the fine print. A slot machines RTP value might be mentioned in the T & C’s of a particular slot because that’s an important condition of the game.

The general terms and conditions regarding casino games most often speak to when the game accidentally stops or the software malfunctions. Most casinos state that if a game malfunctions halfway through playing, your bet will be considered null and void. This means that you shouldn’t expect to get your money back, or worse, if you were on the verge of winning and something goes wrong, you are not entitled to anything. This may seem very unfair, but it happens. All you can do on your end is ensure that you have a stable internet connection and that you are playing from a reliable device.

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Personal Player Information

When you first sign up at a casino, you will be asked to provide information about yourself. This is a requirement and forms part of the terms of service at the casino. The kind of information required may include:

  • Your full name
  • Contact details
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Home language
  • Preferred currency for banking purposes

As a player, you must ensure that the information provided is accurate, true and updated. Whenever you engage with the casino, it is presumed that the rightful account holder is using the account at that time. The casino cannot be held liable if your share your details another person who then abuses your account. It is your responsibility to protect your login user information. The casino is responsible for protecting your information from unauthorised users by encrypting the information. They cannot disclose your player information unless asked to do so by a court of law.

Responsible Gambling

Every casino must have a responsible gambling plan to go along with its terms and conditions. Casinos must ensure that the platform is safe and secure for all players, and must vow to help players who show signs of addiction. There are various things a casino can do to prevent problem gambling like

  • Limitations – Setting weekly, monthly deposit limits for players
  • Time Out – Implement a time out feature that locks players out of their accounts after gambling for hours on end
  • Reminders – Send reminders to players about how long they’ve been playing and how much money has been used to make bets up until that point.
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Terms and Conditions Regarding Disputes

If you cannot access a game, or something goes wrong and is out of your control, you must contact the customer care staff at the casino. You must communicate issues soon after you experience them as some casinos have a cut off date for this. The casino should respond to your complaint within a reasonable timeframe.

If for whatever reason you are not happy with how the matter was handled, you can contact a higher dispute resolution service like a gambling commission.

Closing Your Casino Account

You have the right to close your casino account at any time. To do this you must contact the customer care staff and ask them to close down the account. This can be communicated via telephone or on email as both are recorded. The casino will then notify you when the request is complete and the account is down. But, you remain responsible for whatever happens on the account during this waiting period.

Casinos also have the right to suspend your account if they find out that you have done something wrong. Acceptable reasons for suspension include:

  • Providing the casino with wrong information
  • Having two active accounts at once
  • You are not of legal age to gamble
  • Your name and surname does not match the identity on your credit/debit
  • Cheating during a casino game
  • You aren’t adhering to other terms and conditions of service
  • You have a serious gambling problem