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Best Online Blackjack Strategy Guide

Welcome to the best online blackjack strategy guide. Blackjack is by far one of the best casino games that you can play. It’s easy to grasp, has a low house edge, and is the grounds where skill meets luck. But, if you play blackjack wisely using a blackjack strategy (or two), you will not only have fun playing the game but, you might walk away with decent wins too.

In this blackjack strategy guide we explain:

We also advise you on how to win, when to hit or stand, when to split, double down and when to surrender. When you’ve mastered when to make each move, you’ve basically mastered the game.

Best Blackjack Online Casinos 2021


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Simple Blackjack Strategy

We’ve mentioned above that a basic blackjack strategy involves asking yourself a series of questions e.g. should I split, double down, surrender, hit or stand? But, the order in which you ask yourself these questions is important too. The simplest blackjack strategy involves asking yourself the relevant questions in the following order.

  • Must I surrender? Not every online casino offers the surrender rule but let’s assume you are playing at a casino that does. When you’ve received your first two cards, first think about whether you need to surrender. The rules of the game state that you are only able to enforce the surrender rule on your first 2 card hand. Once you’ve hit, the option to do so falls away.
  • If your decision is to not surrender, the second most important question is “well, should I split?”. Splitting is only a feasible option when your first two cards are a pair, or if you have two cards valued at 10 each. e.g. a jack and a king.
  • If splitting isn’t the best simple blackjack strategy at this point, then you must look into the possibility of doubling down. If you are at this stage of the decision-making process it’s a good thing. It could mean that you’ve been dealt a hand with high potential. Only double down with an additional bet and card if you are fully confident. Adding more money to the pot isn’t worth it if you aren’t certain.
  • However, if all else fails and none of the simple blackjack strategies above work, then you have to either hit or stand.
Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Strategy Card Rules

Now that you know what your basic blackjack strategy options are, we are going to go ahead and give you actual scenarios. This way you know exactly what move to make based on the cards you have. You will be able to deduce the exact same information by looking at a blackjack strategy card.

Surrender Rules

The best online blackjack strategy is to only surrender on soft totals of 16 and 15. Surrender on a hand of 16 only if the dealer has cards 9 through Ace. If the dealer doesn’t display cards from 9 through to Ace, don’t surrender. Similarly, you only surrender on a soft 15 if the dealer has a ten. If he displays any other card you can continue.

Splitting Cards

There are stern blackjack strategies when it comes to splitting cards, and then there are strategies that depend on what cards the dealer has. Stern blackjack strategies say to never split aces and 10s, and always split 8s. The dealer-card dependent strategies are as follows:

  • If you have a pair of 9s and the dealer has cards 2 through 9, you may split your 9s. The only exception to this rule is if the dealers hand includes a 7. If this is the case, rather stand.
  • You only split a pair of 7s if the dealer has cards 2 through 7. If he doesn’t, rather hit.
  • You can split a pair of 6s if the dealer shows cards 2 through 6. If not, hit.
  • Instead of splitting a pair of 5s it’s best to double down provided the dealer has cards 2 through 9. If not, hit.
  • It’s best to split a pair of 4s if the dealer has 5 or 6. If not, hit.
  • Split a pair of 3s if the dealer has cards 2 through 7. If not, hit.
  • You only split a pair of 2s if the dealer has cards 2 through to 7. If not, you can hit.
Best Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Strategy Calculator

Blackjack strategy calculators are there to help you figure out what move is best to make. By inserting what the dealer’s card is as well as your cards, the calculator will show which move is best by highlighting whether you must double down, split, surrender hit, or stand. The best decision will be the highest positive value given and next to it will be the words split, surrender, etc.

This is an easy way to determine what the best blackjack strategy is, especially if you are flustered and unable to remember all the strategy rules. Not every casino has the blackjack strategy feature so consider yourself lucky when you find one that does.

Play Blackjack Online

Being clued up on all the blackjack strategy rules goes to waste if you do not actually put it into practice. Fortunately, playing blackjack is not as intimidating as some of the other casino games so you should have a fun session. You are able to play blackjack for real money or free at any of the casinos that we list above. Remember to use a strategy to maximize your chances of winning big. We also have various other blackjack guides to help you master the game even further. Have a look at any of the other guides for more information.

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