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How Long Does a Keno Game Take?

There are different times that a keno game takes because of the different types of gaming that you are playing. However, on average, each game takes about five to 10 minutes. How long the game is played does not affect the outcome of the game. It is just how long the game takes where the numbers have to be picked and paying out the winners. The time can also differ depending on where you play. You should never choose a game based on how long it takes, but by the odds it offers.

Online Keno Game

Keno Game Draw Times

The draw times will also differ depending on your game and where you will be playing. Here are some of the draw times you can expect from some of the keno games you will be playing.

  • Daily Keno – at some casinos or lottery sites, daily keno happens two times a day, with one at midday at the other in the evening.
  • Other Keno Games – the other games will have a draw happen every five minutes. This applies when you are playing online.

You have a chance to place your bets before each game starts. You can choose the time that you want to take part in.

How to Play Keno

It is very simple to play keno since all you have to do is choose the numbers you think will be picked. To try and improve your chances of winning, you can check for the numbers that are chosen often and try your luck with those. What’s more, you can play the same numbers over and over again until you win with them. Some gambling sites will allow you to play the same numbers up to 99 times.

You have to pick 10 out of 80 numbers, but the draw will pick 20 numbers randomly. If you get any numbers that match, you will get a payout based on your matched numbers.

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