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How Long Does a Keno Game Take?

online keno game

There are different times that a keno game takes because of the different types of gaming that you are playing. However, on average, each game takes about five to 10 minutes. How long the game is played does not affect the outcome of the game. It is just how long the game takes where the […]

Is There an Algorithm for Keno?

Algorithm for Keno

Yes, there is an algorithm for Keno. If you are curious to know more about the algorithm used in Keno or want to find out what an algorithm is, you have come to the right place. We are going to take you through what algorithm is, as well as how they work in Keno. This […]

Do Slot Machines Have A Pattern?

Do Slot Machines Have A Pattern?

No, Slot machines do not have a pattern. Slots online use a random number generator to produce its results. Trying to figure out a pattern on these results can prove to be difficult. If you have by chance picked up on a pattern this will be a coincidence. If you focus more of your attention, […]

The Forrest Bounce Method

Forrest Bounce Method

Fans of Jeopardy!, a popular US TV game show, were treated to one of the oldest and most unforgettable record-setting games in history in July of 2020. Five-time winner Chuck Forrest, often regarded as the “Alexander the Great of Jeopardy! players,” was featured in a Season 2 episode. His incredible winning run has been extensively […]

How to Win at a Casino with $20

casino with $20

You don’t need the biggest budget to win at a casino. Even when you have $20, you can win from small to big payouts. Everyone stands the same chance of winning no matter how much they go to a casino. So, how do you win at a casino with $20? You will need a plan […]

Can You Get Rich Playing Baccarat?

playing baccarat

Yes, you can get rich playing baccarat. However, you will have to invest your time and money to make money while playing baccarat. You can choose to play the game professionally, which will be a step in getting the riches of playing baccarat. A lot of experience is needed for you to make money while […]

Is Roulette A Fair Game?

Is Roulette A Fair Game?

Roulette is a fair game when you play at reputable casino sites online. There are many misconceptions about roulette that would lead to Canadian players questioning whether it is a reputable game. Casinos are a business and will have an edge with any casino game you play online, that does not mean they are deliberately […]