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Safe Gambling

What Are Offshore Casino Sites?

Offshore Casino

The clue is in the name itself. An offshore casino refers to an online casino based in a different country to your own. Because it’s located on foreign soil, this would also mean that the site operates on the gambling laws of the country its in, and not the country that you are in. Continue […]

How to Be a Responsible Gambler

Responsible Gambler

If you enjoy casino games either online or at a land-based casino, then this guide is for you. Casinos are places of entertainment, but it also presents a get rich quick opportunity for others. Seeing casinos as a quick outlet to easy money can pave the way for problems that you don’t need like problem […]

5 Top Celebrity Gambling Losses

Celebrity Gambling Losses

Some top celebrities have a tendency of spending their money on a few questionable things. That’s hardly unusual, so unanticipated spending won’t even scratch the surface of their wealth. Besides, being a top celebrity means not only fame and glory but also unfathomable sums of money. This accumulated wealth can be used to fund a […]

Tips to Host the Best Casino Night!

Hosting The Best Casino Night

In general, if gambling is not licensed or managed by the government, it is illegal within Canada’s borders. This is true for major gaming enterprises like land-based casinos and charitable options like bingo and raffles. If you want to get your friends together and plan a fun event, consider organizing a casino night. You can […]

Gambling Rituals and Lucky Charms

gambling rituals

Gambling is all about luck, but some players believe they can improve their luck by having certain rituals before visiting a casino. These gambling rituals are used to have favour and to win. What’s more, the rituals are for wherever you choose to gamble, whether it be online or at land-based casinos. Here are some […]

What is the Smart Way to Gamble?

smart way to gamble

When you are gambling with real money, it is always expected that you should be smart about how you play. You will be trying to maximize your money to make more money somehow. Gambling smart is not easy since there is never really a guarantee that every time you play, you will win. If you […]

Can You Go to Jail for Cheating at a Casino?

going to jail for cheating the casino

Yes, you can go to jail for cheating at a casino. This depends on the kind of cheating you would have committed because, with some cheating, you either be fined a hefty amount of money or face other legal repercussions. We don’t promote cheating at all because of this kind of consequence. You may not […]

Is Gambling Really Random?

is gambling really random

Yes, gambling can be random when the casino uses the Random Number Generator (RTG). What’s more, independent organizations must be audited to ensure that it continues to be random. When a casino game is random, the game’s result is not present and is chosen at random by the software. This applies to when you play […]