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Safe Gambling

Can You Go to Jail for Cheating at a Casino?

going to jail for cheating the casino

Yes, you can go to jail for cheating at a casino. This depends on the kind of cheating you would have committed because, with some cheating, you either be fined a hefty amount of money or face other legal repercussions. We don’t promote cheating at all because of this kind of consequence. You may not […]

Is Gambling Really Random?

is gambling really random

Yes, gambling can be random when the casino uses the Random Number Generator (RTG). What’s more, independent organizations must be audited to ensure that it continues to be random. When a casino game is random, the game’s result is not present and is chosen at random by the software. This applies to when you play […]

How to Gamble on a Limited Budget

Gamble on a Limited Budget

Have a limited budget and want to play online? Keep reading. Let’s be honest not every player can afford to spend large amounts of money playing casino games. Also, playing while being on a strict budget can take out the fun in your gameplay. It is natural to be concerned about your finances while at […]

6 Disadvantages About Casino Gambling

Disadvantages About Casino Gambling

As much as it’s possible to make lots of money from gambling, there are a few disadvantages about casino gambling. Of course, they are the obvious disadvantages such as gambling addiction or enduring long-term losses. However, these are not the only things that you need to be wary of when choosing to gamble online. Below […]

Do Professional Gamblers Pay Tax?

pay tax on gambling winning

Yes, the Canadian taxman will make you pay tax if you are a professional player. There are two types of gamblers in CA, pro and recreational gamblers. If you have turned your casino activities into a business and regard gambling as your source of income, then you will have to pay tax. However, you are […]

What Is the Most Legit Online Casino?

Cherry Gold is the most legit online casino that also offers players a $7500 welcome bonus. However, this isn’t the only casino online that you can trust. We have reviewed and played at hundreds of casinos over the years and can confidently recommend a few to you. When looking for the legit casinos to play […]

Are Casino Card Games Rigged?

If you are wondering if casino card games are rigged, the answer is no. After losing a few games of blackjack or poker, players will begin to think that the card game is rigged or the dealer is cheating. It comes as no surprise that there are many conspiracy theories about card games being rigged. […]