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How Do You Double Your Money in Roulette?

Double Your Money in Roulette

The best way to double your money when playing roulette is by playing bets with a high probability of winning money. Bets that pay more than even money are not a good idea as they have a much lower probability of winning. Some experts suggest that the quickest way to double your bankroll is to […]

Do Casinos Cheat at Blackjack?

Cheat at Blackjack

No, casinos do not cheat at blackjack as that is illegal. With licensed casinos, they are required to be regularly audited to ensure that the games are fair. Games such as blackjack are played using a random number generator to shuffle and deal with the cards. This software also has to be audited regularly. This […]

Exclusive Casino Game of the Month

Exclusive Casino Game of the Month

Exclusive Casino runs a monthly promotion where you get to enjoy fun slot machines using the monthly bonus on offer. This exclusive promotion runs throughout the whole year, allowing you to play a different game each month. For the month of September, the Exclusive Casino game of the month is Vegas Lux. We take you […]

Latest Slot Machines for September

latest slot machines

One of the best parts about playing slots online is that each month players can look forward to these recently launched slot machines. From developers such as BetSoft, Microgaming, Quickspin and Thunderkick, there’s always a new game to be played. With new games being released monthly and sometimes weekly, that means you will always find […]

What Is The Easiest Poker To Play?

Easiest Poker To Play

Texas hold’em is the easiest poker game that you can play online and at land-based casinos. You probably already know how to play poker and are wondering if the poker game that you’ve been playing is the easiest variation. Also, if you’re new to playing poker then this is the perfect place to start. Poker […]

What Are the Best Numbers to Play in Craps?

Best Numbers to Play in Craps

In the dice game, you need to place a bet on which numbers you think that dice will land on. While dice only have numbers 1 to 6, it makes complete sense to wonder which are the best numbers to play in craps. In finding the best numbers to play, you need to remember that […]

What does a horn bet pay in craps?

What horn bet pays

If you have played craps before, you may have come across a horn bet, but you may still be a bit fuzzy about what this bet is and how much it pays. We will admit that just like you, this is one of the bets that we have chosen to ignore when playing online craps […]

Can Casinos Control Slot Machines Payouts?

slot machines payouts

Yes, casinos can control slot machines payouts. However, they would be putting themselves at risk by trying to cheat you. Not only can they lose their license, but they will also lose players, therefore, losing their profits. Also, whether the casinos do actually change slot machine payouts is a whole different story. Gambling establishment owners […]

What Is the Best Seat at A Blackjack Table?

Best Blackjack seat

The third base is the best seat at blackjack tables. Many blackjack players have come to believe that being seated in the best seat in blackjack offers them a better chance of winning. Is there any truth in the myth, and can being seated in the third base truly improve your odds? Well,  you have […]

Is It Better to Play Slots Fast or Slow?

Is It Better to Play Slots Fast or Slow?

We would highly recommend slowing down when playing slots. However, questioning whether your gameplay should be fast or slow when playing slots is completely understandable. There are a number of things that you can take into consideration when playing slots fast or slow. For starters, everyone has their own style of play. Some players prefer […]