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Online Blackjack

Can You Get Rich from Blackjack?

Can You Get Rich from Blackjack?

Yes, you can get rich from playing blackjack. However, this won’t be based only on luck but skill. Several professional blackjack players have a net worth of millions. They can also make millions of dollars every year from playing it. This means dedicating lot of hours to learning the game and its strategies. You will […]

Does Anyone Win at Online Blackjack?

win at online blackjack

Yes, many players win at online blackjack. There are probably players who are winning as you read this article. However, this does not mean that you will also win immediately when you start playing online blackjack. The game is all about luck and for those lucky enough to win while playing blackjack online. For you […]

Does Blackjack Automatically Win?

Blackjack Automatically Wins

Does blackjack automatically win? Blackjack in this instance doesn’t refer to the name of the game. Instead, it refers to the most natural winning hand, otherwise known as a natural blackjack. This kind of hand is one that equals 21 with just two cards. So, if you receive an ace with a number 10 card, […]

Do Casinos Cheat at Blackjack?

Cheat at Blackjack

No, casinos do not cheat at blackjack as that is illegal. With licensed casinos, they are required to be regularly audited to ensure that the games are fair. Games such as blackjack are played using a random number generator to shuffle and deal with the cards. This software also has to be audited regularly. This […]

What Are Hard and Soft Hands in Blackjack?

Soft 17 Blackjack

Here to find out more about hard and soft hands in blackjack? You’re at the right place. Blackjack, like many other casino games, comes with terminology that’s unique to that particular game. And, if you are new to Blackjack 21 then hearing those terms being used during a game can be super confusing. Hard and soft […]