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How Many Decks Do Casinos Use for Baccarat?

The number of decks that are used in Baccarat depends on the type of game you are playing. Baccarat is also one of the casino games that use more than one deck of cards.

However, the most common number of decks used on a Baccarat game is eight or six. Each deck will have 52 cards. In eight decks of cards used, there will be 416 cards in total, while in six decks, there will be 312 cards. All the decks that are used in the game will affect the odds of winning.

number of decks in baccarat

How the Number of Decks Affects the Odds

As we have mentioned, all the decks used in the game will affect the odds of winning. So, it will also help if you place your bets based on the number of decks used per game. Below we will be looking at how the decks affect the banker and player bets.

When one deck of cards is used in a game, the odds of a banker bet winning will be 45.96%, while the odds for the player bet are 44.68%. However, these odds don’t differ that much when more than one deck is used. So, when the six decks are used, the banker bet will have 45.87%, while the player bet will have 44.63% chance of winning.

For eight decks, the banker will have 45.86% and the player 44.62%.

The decks of cards are not the only thing that will affect the odds of you winning. There will be other things that will affect the odds that you also need to take into consideration. You will have to take things such as the banker’s commission which is set at 5%. However, there will be some casinos that have more or less of this commission.

This means that you will have to pay a commission for a win on the banker’s hand. What’s more, this commission does not apply if you are playing live dealer Baccarat at online casinos.


With all we have mentioned above, you can decide whether to play a Baccarat game with six or eight decks of cards. However, the six decks give you a better chance of winning, but you won’t be able to notice the difference because it will take time to notice.  It would be best if you always kept this in mind when playing Baccarat because the game is based on luck.

This means the chances of you winning will be based on luck and skill when you use a strategy. What’s more, even if you use a strategy, it still does not guarantee you a win. All these factors apply to playing Baccarat online or land-based casinos. If you are unsure, play online baccarat for free to test out the difference and strategies.

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