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Is There a Way to Tell If a Slot Machine is Going to Hit?

Recently updated on November 11th, 2021

No, there is no way to tell when a slot machine is going to hit. There are no external or even internal signs that will tell you when a slot game is due for a payout.

All slot machines use the random number generator, which gives results that are not affected by previous games or the coming games. So, it means there is no way of telling when a slot machine will hit because the RNG gives new results for each game.

Having outcomes similar to previous games is just a lucky random happening, so that can also not be used to determine when a slot machine will payout.

slot machine hit

How to Find the Best Slots to Play

You can use ways to improve your chances of getting a payout that does not include you having to guess when a slot machine will hit. Here are some of the ways that you can identify which slots are best to play.

Choose to Play Slots with Big Payouts

All slots have a Return-to-Player (RTP) percentage that lets you know how much the game pays out over time. The higher the number, the better the game plays out. So, when looking for a slot to play, go for slots with a high payout percentage.

This information is not hidden from players, so when you are looking for a slot, check the RTP as well. A good RTP is anywhere between 90 to 96%, but a slot game has a higher percentage than 96%.

Find Loose Slots

Loose slots are slot games that will pay out more money to their players. However, this does not mean that the games have a lower house edge and give you an advantage. The game is just giving players better returns while the casino can still have an edge on the game.

We recommend playing the game if you find a loose slot with a high payout with medium volatility. The slot game will hit frequently but will not pay out big money. However, it is better to make little money over time than only score the big payout.

Check the Slot Developers for High RTP Slots

There are different slot developers, and amongst them will develop games with high RTP slots. So, it is better to check out the providers to find all the various slot games they develop with High RTP.

What’s more, you will also find that the slots will most likely be popular amongst players. Check what players also have to say about them as well.

Avoid Playing Slots that Hardly Payout

There is no point in playing a slot game that hardly ever pays out. Even if you invest your time and money in it, it will be a long time before you can reap any results. Some of these slots will already have a low RTP, which is an indication that you can’t expect much when playing the game.

So, if you are looking to make money while playing slots, even if it is not for the big jackpot, go slots with high RTP. You have a much better chance of winning with those kinds of slots than those that hardly payout.

Conclusion – So, Is There a Way to Tell If a Slot Machine is Going to Hit?

So, we have concluded that there is no way to tell when a slot will payout. As a result, it is in your best interest to avoid asking such questions. If you are unsure of any slot you are interested in, you have the option to play it online for free to try it out first.

When you play free online slots, you can see the workings of the game and how often it pays out and how long it takes to trigger the bonus features, if there are any. You will also get to find out why some slots are popular amongst players.

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