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The Meaning Behind Symbols on a Slot Machine

Recently updated on October 4th, 2023

If you’ve ever played a slot machine then you will be very familiar with the game and its features. One of the main features of any given machine is the symbols that you see appear on the reels when you play. But, have you ever wondered if there’s any particular meaning to these symbols or if there are other symbols in other games that you might not know about?

Well, we took it upon ourselves to enquire about this, and here’s what we discovered.

Essentially, slot machine symbols are unique graphics that appear on the reels. Each symbol looks different and may have a bigger or smaller value compared to other symbols in the game.

Slot Machine Symbols

Classic Slot Symbols

The kind of symbols you can expect in each game is specific to that game, especially if it’s a themed slot machine. For instance, if you are playing on a classic fruit slot machine then you can expect to find symbols like cherries, grapes, numbers 7s and BAR symbols. If you are playing on a superhero-themed slot machine you can expect symbols like spiderman, batman and cat woman for example.

It’s also not uncommon for games to feature numbers and letters as symbols. The common letter symbols are K, Q, J and Ace. You hardly find numbers 1 through 10, most games only feature lucky number 7 as well as the number 10.

Special Slot Symbols

In addition to the classic slot machine symbols, you also get special symbols in the game, and these include:

  • Wilds: Wild symbols in a slot game have more or less the same function as a wild card in a game played with a pack of cards. Wild symbols substitute any symbols on the reels and can be used to help you form a winning pattern. They give you the opportunity to win more money and add excitement to the game whenever it pops up.
  • Scatters: Scatter symbols is another exciting symbol because it often unlocks other rewards like free spins and bonus rounds. Usually, the aim is to align at least three of these symbols for any kind of reward to be unlocked.
  • Multipliers: A multiplier does exactly what the name implies. It multiplies any winnings that you may have accrued by a certain amount. In the game you will find various multipliers like 2x, 3x, and 10x. Essentially this means that your wins will be multiplied by that amount. So, if you secured a $10 win and landed a multiplier booster of 3x, your new winnings with be $30.
  • Sticky Wilds: Sticky wilds is an awesome variation to the standard wild symbol. It refers to a wild that stays locked on the reels for a number of spins. So, if during those rounds you manage to align like symbols or even land a booster symbol you stand to receive a big payout.

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