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Top 10 Popular Gambling Idioms

Recently updated on April 22nd, 2022

Gambling Idioms are entertaining phrases that we hear and use on a regular basis. These are phrases that are specific to specific countries, regions, and cultures, making them difficult to comprehend if you’ve never heard them before. It frequently sounds as if someone is speaking a whole foreign language.

The gaming world is no exception. Hundreds of idioms can be heard in casinos and sporting events. Many commonly used gambling idioms and phrases have found their way into everyday English. you might discover that you’ve been using them without even realizing it because of their link to gambling.

Gambling Idioms

Check out our list of the top 10 most common gambling idioms:

1.     Ace in the hole

When it comes to having an ace in the hole, it’s something that other people aren’t aware of that you can use to your advantage when the time comes.

2.     Down to the wire

Horseracing events spawned this idiom. Stretching a wire over the finish line, which would break as they crossed it, was a popular practice at the time. Refers to a race when the winner is too close to call or if the outcome is otherwise uncertain.

3.     All bets are off

This is a popular phrase coined by commentators and live bookies that is commonly heard during horse races. It was first screamed to announce that no more bets would be taken, and that any existing bets would be void.

4.     Russian roulette

People who take an unwarranted and deadly risk are playing Russian roulette. Any act or action that is reckless, foolish, or risky, especially one that raises the chance of danger or trouble as the number of times it is performed grows.

5.     Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

This idiom is now extensively used in everyday conversation. It comes from gaming, when players must raise their stakes in order to compete, such as in poker. To do, live up to, or carry out something that has been discussed, threatened, or promised, especially if it involves money.

6.     Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Dealers and fellow players use this expression to congratulate you on a successful trip to the tables. The term is claimed to have originated in Las Vegas casinos, where a whole chicken supper costs $2.

7.     Bet the farm

It dates back to the early 1900s, when it was typical for the average gambler to risk his possessions or use his farm to pay off gambling debts. To risk everything on a project that one believes will succeed.

8.     Sweeten the Pot

To make anything more intriguing, seductive, or tempting, especially in terms of money. You raise the stakes or make something more enticing by sweetening the pot.

9.     Put your cards on the table

Your thoughts or ideas become crystal obvious when you lay your cards on the table. To divulge something previously kept hidden, such as one’s motivations, aims, or points of view.

10.  Run the Table

When a player took over the table and sunk all of the balls in a row, it was first utilized in billiards. Being so successful in a certain situation that you dominate and overwhelm your opponents.


We hope you’ve picked up a few new phrases from our list of the best English gambling idioms. There are hundreds more that you can learn and use. Furthermore, idioms assist you in gaining a deeper understanding and sense of community with those who speak your language. Keep an ear out for them the next time you go to a Canadian online casino, a sporting event, or a horse race.

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