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What Is The Difference Between Reel Slots And Video Slots?

If you enjoy playing slots and are curious about the different types you can find, you will probably wonder what the difference is between real and video slots. While both games are a lot of fun to play, it will work in your favour to know what the difference is with each variation of the game. Below we take you through the differences of each game while we also look into the features that you will find on both the reel and video slots.

Reel Slots And Video Slots

Reel Slots Features

If you have played at a land-based casino site, then you have played reel slots. These are some of the most iconic slot machines that you play at casinos. Reel slots are the way slot games came into existence.

The innovation of these games stopped in the1980s. These games are rather old school in terms of the appearance and gameplay. In fact, the best way to describe them is that they are the most classic slot machines. Reel slots have a physical lever that you must pull to spin the reels. Of course, when you play online, this can be done at a click of a button. But the interface will resemble that of a physical reel machine.

3 and 5 Reel Slots.

If you have been playing slot games for years, you probably know a lot about three-reel slots. However, the newer generation of slot players are more familiar with the five-reel games. Both of these variations of real slots are found at casinos online as well as land-based casinos.

Three-reel slots are straightforward slot machines. It doesn’t take much to understand this type of game, and determining whether or not you have won is quite easy. In most cases, three-reel slots tend to pay better because of the simplicity of the gameplay. All you have to do is get matching symbols across the only three wheels on the slot to win.

5 Reel slots offer players more chances of winning because of the two additional reels. However, you are more likely to win less. 5 Reel slots also offer players diverse ways of the winning. Another advantage to playing this type of reel slot is that you’ll find special features and more ways to win than in 3 reel slots.

Features in Video slots

If you were looking for more modern slot games to enjoy, then we would highly recommend playing video slots. The slot games offer more ways of winning. You’ll find more paylines, higher jackpots and various other features. Enjoy free spins, bonus rounds, and cascading reels. Some of the best features that you’ll find on video slots are the bonus games, exciting gameplay, animation and thematic graphics and sounds.

There are many software developers creating video slots as these are quite popular. You can play video slots from developers such as Betsoft, Rival, Microgaming, RTG and many others. There are also 3D video slots which allow for a more cinematic experience.

video slots-vs reel slots

Differences Between Reel and Video Slots

Both classic reel slots and video slots are popular amongst slot players. The type of slot game that you play will be completely dependent on what you prefer most. Here are some of the most obvious differences between the slot games.

Reel Slots Video Slots
Limited themes and variations to choose from Hundreds of games to try with different themes, bonus rounds and dynamic features
Format and layout are easy to understand It can take some time to understand the game because of fancy layouts
Easy gameplay Games may include additions bonus round out of the main game, cascading reels which can make the gameplay hard to understand
You won’t find a lot of paylines Includes many pay lines meaning more ways of winning.


Play Reel and Video Slots

One of the best parts about playing slot games online is that you can play for real money or free. Both the reel and video slots can be enjoyed in both ways. It is often recommended that if you are trying out a new slot machine that you do it for free. This will tell you whether or not you will enjoy playing the game for real money.

If you enjoy playing more simpler slot machines, then three-reel slots are the best bets. You’ll find classic symbols such as sevens, bells and fruit on the reels. However, if you were looking for all the glitz and glamour that you would find at a land-based casino, then 5-reel slots are great for that. With exciting themes ranging from Christmas, Valentine’s Day, famous movies, film stars or even wildlife, video slots offer it all.

Regardless of the variation you prefer, it is always important to play slots at regulated and licensed casino games. Luckily for our Canadian players, we have reviewed and rated some of the best slot’s casinos online. Make sure to claim the exclusive bonuses to get the most out of your visit at the casino.


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