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Casino Dress Codes

One of the advantages to playing at an online casino is that you don’t have to worry about what you look like or what you are wearing. You cannot be seen by anyone from the casino so you could easily wear comfy lounge gear or even your pajamas, it doesn’t matter. In summer, you may even go commando, who cares.

The rules are not as relaxed when gambling at a land-based casino, though. Some casinos have strict dress codes and protocol that you must follow. Not doing this may prevent you from gaining access to the casino. But above and beyond, that you don’t want to taint your reputation by showing up in slippers demanding a seat at the baccarat table – not a good look.

We’ve put together this short guide for those players who are planning on visiting a land-based casino but don’t know what to wear. The typical dress codes at most casinos are categorized as follows.

Casual Dress Code

The majority of our casinos opt for casual gear. Dressing casually means comfortable yet acceptable enough for public spaces. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt or sportswear are common examples. Casinos located in areas like Las Vegas where temperatures climb to screeching heights during the day may even accept players wearing shorts and flip flops.

Casino Dress Code

Smart- Casual Casino Dress Code

Smart casual attire takes it up a notch and prohibits jeans, trainers, and sportswear. Instead, you swap your plain t-shirt for a nice shirt and your worn-out jeans for a decent pair of trousers. Ladies can wear casual dresses, skirts, long pants, and blouses to fit the dress code. We like to compare smart casual dress codes to upmarket restaurants and hotels. Ask yourself, would I wear this to Buca Osteria & Bar in Toronto? If the answer is no don’t wear it to the casino either.

Formal Dress Code

Now we are in the big league. At casinos with a formal dress code, your golf shirt and trousers may not even cut it. At this level we talking suits and collared shirts for men, and nice dresses or pant suites for women. Formal attire is usually required at casino events where you get to mingle with high rollers and experience gambling in its most sophisticated form.

Black Tie Dress Code

If you get invited to a casino event where the dress code is black tie, consider yourself very lucky. These kinds of events are very exclusive and private. Only VIPs are allowed to attend and this may very well include movie stars and other famous people who enjoy gambling. Ladies, you might have to dust off your fur for this one and select your most prized piece of jewelry. Men, you might have to press your groomsman suite and pair it with some cufflinks.

As mentioned previously the dress codes we mention above only apply to land-based casinos. And, you won’t have to worry about buying a suit if you don’t own one already. Most casinos accept casually dressed players. So, your jeans and trainers should do just fine.

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