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Online Blackjack Real Money

online blackjack canadaOnline Blackjack is a game that most Canadian players enjoy playing in 2020. The game is simple to play and understand. You need a hand that is close to 21 to beat the dealer and, ultimately, the house.

Blackjack Online is also known as the 21 card game, which makes perfect sense because of the goal of blackjack. We look at how to play online black real money games, rules of the game, and blackjack strategy.

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Best Online Blackjack Casinos

Online casinoWelcome BonusPayoutRatingVisit Site
One of the Best CA Online Casino
1 Twin Casino
CA $400
Best Online Casino for CA Players
2 Enzo Casino
CA $1,500
Best CA Online Casino
3 Jackpotcity Casino
CA $1,600
Best CA Casino Online
4 All Slots Casino
CA $1,500
New Best Payout Casino Online
5 Spin Casino
CA $1,000
Best CA Casino Online
6 Royal Vegas casino
CA $1,200
New Best Payout Casino Online
7 Ruby Fortune Casino
CA $750
New Best Payout Casino Online
8 Platinum Play Casino
CA $800
Best CA Casino Online
9 Lucky Nugget Casino
CA $200
Best CA Casino Online
10 bovegas casino
CA $7500
New Best Payout Casino Online
11 cherry Casino
CA $7500
New Best Payout Casino Online
12 Freespin casino
CA $2,500
Best CA Casino Online
13 Twoup Casino
CA $2,500
Best CA Casino Online
14 Exclusive casino
CA $2,500
Best CA Casino Online

How To Play Online Blackjack And Win

The rules of the Blackjack are very simple. Once you understand how to win playing online blackjack, playing real money games will be worthwhile. The game is played using six to eight decks of cards, depending on the variation of 21.

Here are six basic rules for playing online Blackjack at top casinos online.

  1. You will place a bet then the dealer will deal you two cards facing up
  2. After that, the dealer gets two cards. One facing up and the other down
  3. After checking your cards, you can either split, double your bet, hit, or stand.
  4. The blackjack game will continue until you decide to stand or bust. Bust means that your cards have gone over 21 which is  a loss
  5. The same applies to the dealer. He/she has to deal cards until he stands at 17 or bust
  6. If you have more points than the dealer, and they are less than 21, you win. You will also win if the dealer busts.

Online Blackjack Card Values

When you learn the rules of Blackjack, understanding what card values can help you. Not all the cards have the same value as what is on the card. The following are the various values for the various cards:

  • Face Card – the King, Queen, and Jacks have a value of 10
  • Ace card – value can be 1 or 11
  • The rest of the cards retain their value

Blackjack Online Canada: Variations

The game of blackjack online has different variations that you can enjoy. Real money blackjack games have a house edge of 0.5%, making it the most profitable casino game.

While some variations may have a slightly different casino house edge, they are still worth playing.  Each of the games has its own rules and strategies. The best part is that they all use the basic rules with slight modifications.

Players can enjoy the following variations of online blackjack from different casinos:

Classic Blackjack

The most popular variation of blackjack pays 3:2 and can be found at most casinos. Further, classic blackjack games use the basic rules and strategies, which is wit is the best game to use to familiarise yourself with 21.

American Blackjack

With this variant, the difference is how the dealers’ cards are dealt. Instead of one card being dealt with, the dealer gets both cards before the player makes a move. In fact, this variation has better odds than the European variation.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack uses a 52 deck of cards. The dealer will be dealt with one card face up, and after you make your first move, the dealer will get their second card. You will also find an insurance bet in European blackjack that pays pout 2:1.

Atlantic City Blackjack

This version of Blackjack was introduced in the town of a similar name in 1976. The game is slightly different from the classic blackjack. It uses eight decks of cards instead of the normal six decks. The payout is at 2:1.

Double Exposure Blackjack

In Double exposure blackjack, both the dealers’ cards are face-up, making it transparent. The game uses an eight-deck and pays out of 1:1.


Popular in the UK and Asia, Pontoon is a variation of blackjack that pays out 2:1. With this game, rather than asking for a hit, you will ask for a twist. The variation allows you to double down or buy.

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack online offers you a chance to play live blackjack games from the comfort of your home. You will live stream the games and play with a real dealer in a casino or studio

online blackjack strategy chart

Online Blackjack Strategy Guide

Like with other games of skill, using a blackjack strategy can improve your odds. It will help you with gameplay, but you will feel like you have some control of the game. There are many strategies that you can use.

Bankroll Management

It is advisable that you set aside a budget or money that is for online gaming. This will help you with betting limits and prohibit you from spending money you can’t afford to lose.

Choosing a Table

You have to choose and play at tables that accommodate your bankroll. When looking for a table to join, rather take the time to select a table instead of rushing to choose one.

Keep away from Insurance

The side bets such as the insurance are not recommended because it doesn’t t add much value for you or bankroll.

Card Counting

This blackjack strategy is frowned upon by many casinos but is quite popular and helpful when done right. The aim is to count the cards in the deck as the game progresses, which will help you alter your bets accordingly.

Online Blackjack tips

Blackjack Online is a fun casino game to play, and it is relatively easy once players understand the basic rules. You can use the following tips that help improve your odds and win money

  • Learn the rules of the variation you are playing and use the basic strategy
  • Pay close attention to the dealers’ cards
  • If you get an eight or less, Hit
  • If you get a pair of 4s, 5s, or 20s, don’t split
  • Split aces and eights.
  • If your cards have a combined value of 12-16 and the dealer holds a total of 7 or more, don’t stand
  • Have a healthy bankroll
  • Most importantly, know when to stop playing

Blackjack Online For Fun

Many well-versed blackjack players would choose to play the game for real money. They understand how the game works, how to place bets, and the different strategies that can help them win the game.

However, not all players are ready to make real money bets. New players are more likely to play free blackjack practice games to test the waters and to understand the game better. Free blackjack games are a great way to get a feel of the game before putting your money on the line.

We highly recommend that new players start with online blackjack free games. In fact, advanced players can still enjoy online blackjack no money games to help improve your skills.

Online Blackjack with Friends

Rather than going through the trouble of trying to get all your friends gathered for a game of blackjack, you can now play with them. Several casinos let you set up blackjack games between you and your friends. Alternatively, you and your friends can join the same live dealer blackjack table and go head to head.

Best Online Blackjack App

You no longer have to wait to get home to enjoy a good game of 21. Most casinos have optimized their sites and games to work on just about any mobile device.

Top casinos are working tiredly to create the best online blackjack app for Canadian players. You will download the app from the casino’s website using a link they provided or a QR code. Alternatively, you can access the casino on your web browser and enjoy the games in instant play.

Canadian Online Blackjack FAQs