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How Much Should You Bet In Blackjack?

Recently updated on November 30th, 2021

When playing blackjack, one of the top strategies you should have is knowing how much you should bet in blackjack. Keep in mind that it all depends on how long you intend on playing  and the level of difficulty of the game. Bringing at least 100 betting units is a good rule of thumb for a 4-hour session.

With that, this particular element of playing the casino game, there are two options that you should look at. The two options regarding how much money you should bet in blackjack are centred around never changing your bet amount or changing your bet amount according to a blackjack system. This is known as flat betting and progressive betting. Below we have fully explained both betting options to help you have a better how much you could bet in blackjack.

How Much Should You Bet In Blackjack

How to Bet In Blackjack

Here are the two most popular forms of betting in blackjack games.

1.     Flat bet in blackjack

When you flat bet at blackjack, you maintain your bet the same. This is a gamble that many players avoid since it might get boring. Other players believe that by betting flat, you will allow the dealer to win more hands. In other words, you won’t make any money in the long term. Not only is this wrong, but the betting method also provides very little excitement. That isn’t to say that you won’t make money using this strategy.

How flat betting works is that if you make a $5 bet on every hand in a standard multiple deck game, there will be an edge of 0.5%. Basically, you would be losing an average of 0.5% with each bet in blackjack. So, if you had to make a $5 bet on every hand with an average of 50 bets per hour, you would have made a total of $500 bets. With this particular amount, the casino is expected to earn 0.5% of your $500 worth of bets which will be $2.50. Of course,  you can either lose or win more than this $2.50 per hour in a more realistic setting. When you make a flat bet in blackjack, you can rest assured that you won’t be chasing any losses with big and necessary bets.

2.     Progressive Betting In Blackjack

Players will modify their stake amount as the game continues, making progress betting an innovative method to place bets in blackjack games. Whether you recently won or lost your hand, progression betting allows you to boost or reduce your next stake.

After winning a hand, win progressions predict that you will increase your bet size. So, if you wager $5 on a hand and win, your next bet will be $10 on the same hand. The 1-2-3-5 victory sequence is the most often used. You’ll be boosting your wager by a factor of 1, 2, 3, or 5. If you lose a bet, you’ll have to start from square one.

The Martingale is the most often used betting progression strategy. When you lose, the algorithm predicts that you will treble your bet. So, if you wager $5 on a hand and lose, your next bet will be twice the previous stake, for a total of $10. This is an extremely hazardous betting technique since if you have five losing streaks in a row, you may lose $80 in five hands.

How to Bet In Blackjack

It is entirely up to you and your money to determine how much you stake in blackjack. Not everyone has the financial means to play at high-limit tables. This is why it is critical to examine the minimum wagering amount at each blackjack table before selecting one. The last thing you want is to sit at a table with a minimum betting amount you can’t afford. Alternatively, you may only be able to afford to play five or six hands.

When your edge is larger, you should wager more. This will help you win more frequently in the long run. Knowing what level of the game you’re comfortable with is crucial to determining how much you want to stake at the blackjack table. In addition, the more you stake, the more violent your gameplay will be. In the long term, the aggressive betting range helps you to earn more money.

When Should You Bet More In Blackjack?

It is completely natural to assume that the more you bet, the more you will get in winnings. However, it doesn’t quite work that way in all gambling options. For instance, in blackjack, there are two betting approaches that you can try out. If you are looking to place a higher bet, you will do it using a Progressive Betting system. Again, when you have a large portion of your bankroll left over after a gambling session and when you’re counting cards,  the count is positive.

Play Top Blackjack Games Online

To try out which betting style works best for you in blackjack, try our free blackjack games. There are plenty of casino sites that offer blackjack for fun. These games allow you to try our strategies and various betting systems until you find one that works best for you. We have handpicked the best online casinos that offer blackjack below.

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