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How Do Electronic Bingo Cards Work?

electronic bingo cards

Audrey | August 1, 2023 | Updated on: August 4th, 2023Recently updated on August 1st, 2023Electronic bingo cards are traditional bingo cards that use a technology element by having the cards on an electronic machine. The game is played the same way as the traditional bingo games, except the cards are not printed but played […]

Do Slot Machines Pay More at Night?

Slots Pay More At Night

Audrey | July 26, 2023 | Updated on: September 18th, 2023Recently updated on July 26th, 2023Have you ever wondered what the most optimum time is to try your luck with a slot machine? The question of whether slots pay more at night or during the day comes up very often. This is fair considering how […]

Can I Play Keno at Home?

play keno at home

Audrey | July 25, 2023 | Updated on: August 4th, 2023Recently updated on July 25th, 2023Yes, you can play keno from the comfort of your home. Not only will you be able to play the local lottery keno games online, but you can also play all the keno games at online casinos. This gives you […]

Why is 11 Called Yo in Craps?

Yo in craps

Audrey | July 24, 2023 | Updated on: August 4th, 2023Recently updated on July 24th, 202311 in craps is termed Yo because the croupier frequently exclaims “Yo Eleven” to distinguish between the number 11 and the similar-sounding number 7. Yo is a basic bet on whether the next dice combination will be an 11 or […]